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Practical Hydration and Sports Nutrition Advice for Summer

By Chris Carmichael, CTS 05/21/2018, 12:00pm MDT

Getting athletes to consume adequate fluid – water or sports drink – has always been an issue, and it becomes even more of an issue as temperatures and workout/event durations increase.

‘I’m Here With You, Mate’

By Diana Oliva Cave, The New York Times 05/21/2018, 12:00pm MDT

As his skills as a sportsman grow, I hope he continues to channel the joy of his goofy, unskilled 6-year-old self. It’s the heart of what sport and mateship in Australia really is.

Two Reasons Why We Overdo Self Criticism and Beat Ourselves Up

By Mental Toughness Trainer 05/18/2018, 12:00pm MDT

… Our parents or whoever brought us up, had the task of molding us into a functioning human being who could eventually take care of ourselves when they aren’t around, right?