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How Youth Sports Develop Ethical Men and Women

By TrueSport 02/20/2018, 3:15pm MST

As parents, we all like to think we’re steering our children toward activities and opportunities that will help them lead happy, productive, and fulfilling lives. We encourage them to work hard, have integrity, take risks, show gratitude, be respectful, etc. But at some point, deep down, every parent realizes there are no guarantees. There’s no formula that ensures success, but there are definitely behaviors, activities, and opportunities that increase the chances your child will become a successful, ethical, and happy adult. According to recent research, participation in youth sports is one them.

How to Gain Weight Healthfully

By Nancy Clark, CoachUp Nation 02/20/2018, 12:00pm MST

Weight lifting and push-ups stimulate muscle growth so that you bulk-up instead of fatten up.

The Effects of Social Media on College Recruiting

By Playced 02/20/2018, 12:00pm MST

Obviously, athletic ability is the primary deciding factor for a coach, but when candidates of similar abilities are considered for the same roster spot, a player’s academics, behavior and character become the deciding factors. 

  • The Power of the Paper Plate Award

  • By Kilee Goetz, Junior Volleyball Association 02/20/2018, 12:00pm MST
  • Coaches hope to never miss an athlete doing something correctly, and the paper plate award takes that concept to a whole new level of power.
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